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WebsiteUrlBrief Description
Chemistry Tables for Reference Chemistry tables for many different units. 
Fracking Meeting   
World of Chemistry World of Chemistry Videos on various chemsitry topics 
Online Chemistry Textbook Online Chemistry Textbook You can use this online chemistry textbook to study topics. 
Chemistry Animations Chemistry Animations This website has links to some very useful animations that will help you learn concepts. 
JJ Thomson Experiments JJ Thomson Experiments  
Stoichiometry Practice Simulation PHet Website for Stoichiometry Use this for the Sandwich Shop activity. 
Activity Series Lab This is an online version of the activity series lab. 
Balancing Equations Balancing Equations This gives you some practice with immediate feedback! 
Balancing Equations A Tutorial on Balancing Equations This is a very nice description on the process of balancing an equation. 
Practice Balancing Equations Practice Balancing Equations You can choose different levels of equations to balance. 
Significant Figures Practice A great way to practice counting significant figures. 
Metric Conversion Practice This will help you get fast at metric conversions. 
Colorado's PhET Simulations These are some great simulations that help teach chemistry concepts. 
Chemmybear Some fun and helpful chemistry information. 
Science Geek Some great interactive practice questions. 
Prentice Hall Chemistry Textbook Site Prentice Hall Chemistry You can find chapter overviews, practice tests, and other helpful stuff here! 
Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry A fun website with an abundance of tutorials and practice worksheets. 
Chemistry Tutorials This site has some very helpful explanations of various topics in chemistry. 
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